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Designer / Family Man / Outdoorsman

I was born in Bozeman, Montana but grew up on a cattle ranch northeast of Sheridan, WY. At an early age, I demonstrated exceptionally artistic ability winning many awards and accolades. It was this creative ability that took me to Montana State University where I received a BFA in Graphic Design. Upon graduation, I spent 15 fantastic years working for Massive Studios and directed creative campaigns for brands like SITKA Gear, Leica, Adventure Medical Kits, Dogtra, Barnard Construction, Black Gold Bowsights and the Wild Sheep Foundation. I have also lent my expertise as an Adjunct Professor at Montana State University, instructing courses in Advanced Web Development When not busy leading the marketing initiatives at Stone Glacier; I am happily occupied with my beautiful family, scouting for big game animals, raising chickens, or lending his time to local conservation organizations.

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*NOTE: At this time I am not open to freelance work outside of Stone Glacier.

Art Prints for Sale

All prints are produced on high quality non-reflective matte vinyl and mounted to aluminum. The prints are backed with 1/2" foam board and come ready to hang. Price does not include shipping. If you are interested in a print please email me directly. Payments taken via cash or Paypal.


Bud Can | 24" x 36" | $400


Bear | 24" x 36" | $400


Fox | 24" x 24" | $375


Speed Goat | 24" x 24" | $375


Rabbit Rider | 24" x 24" | $375


Duck | 24" x 24" | $375


Bear Fighter | 24" x 24" | $375


Ram | 24" x 24" | $375


Bunny | 24" x 24" | $375


Mountain Goat | 24" x 36" | $400


Schmidt | 24" x 36" | $400


Bridger Buck | 24" x 36" | $400


Deer Canoe | 24" x 36" | $400


Bison | 24" x 36" | $400

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